November Home Checklist

November Home Checklist

With shorter days and the first real snowfall ahead, it’s the right time to finish last-minute projects around the house before winter sets in.


CHECK VENTS. Close vents in unheated basement areas, but keep attic vents open. Replace rusted or damaged pipes from gas water heaters and your dryer.

ADJUST THERMOSTATS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY. If you have multiple thermostats in your home for different zones, set temperatures for the way you use the rooms: bedrooms cooler, baths and sitting areas warmer.

PREVENT THE OVERLOAD OF ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS. Make certain electrical cords aren’t covered by rugs or heavy curtains; they can overheat and cause a fire.


CLEAR PATHWAYS AND STOOPS TO MAKE SNOW SHOVELING EASIER. Make sure there is ready access to your woodpile, gas and oil tanks, and garbage cans.

CLEAN GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS. But wait until most of the leaves have dropped. You may want to invest in a gutter scoop.

INSPECT SUPPORTS, RAILINGS, AND STAIRS. A flimsy handrail might give way when someone slipping on ice or snow grabs it suddenly. Check that footings under support posts are secure and haven’t shifted due to water infiltration, settling, or frost.

Take winter linens out of storage and launder. Dry clean garments packed in mothballs to remove the camphor odour. Toss out herbal repellents, as they lose their potency over time.