Is brass back?  Yes!

Is brass back? Yes!

When looking at home furnishings and décor, we are usually quick to notice outdated fixtures, faucets and hardware. Perhaps when you moved into your house, those 80’s brass relics were the first things to go. While those fixtures are still not in style, and might never be, don’t make up your mind too quickly about brass – the brass fixture has become a classic and has been reinvented for a modern and sophisticated look! These fixtures are sleek and glam, and would be a brilliant accent for your bathroom or kitchen.

Brass Kitchen Accents

brass kitchen

Is stainless steel going out and brass coming back? All design trends come and go. Once an item is widely used, people want something different. Stainless steel is so standard now in Western homes, I believe that it is soon to be replaced by brass. Okay, a brass fridge might be too much, but you just might agree with me once you see these fixtures! Brass accents add sophisticated warmth to a kitchen. The days of cold stainless steel are (almost) over, so consider brass for your next kitchen remodel.

Brass in the Bathroom

brass bathroom

Brass fixtures and hardware are not only relegated to the kitchen, they also make a fantastic accent in the bathroom. From your shower head to the toilet paper holder, you can go crazy or simple with brass. These fixtures will make a bold design statement in your decor no matter your style. The brass pieces below should give you inspiration for your next bathroom renovation.